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Philosophy of Love:

Love is a sensation which is only felt and the love which needs to be expressed is not true love; this can be only a time to pass or have some selfishness. There is no doubt that every person falls in love and also want to give the best of its powers to serve love and make the beloved happy. This can only be true if you are totally sincere and faithful to your beloved. Though words such as true and false are not valuable and need not relate with sacred word of love as love is love and love is always real. But the environment of our society forces us to use these suffixes and prefixes for love.

When someone finds love, his or her life totally changes. The Lover feels happiness and remains mum in beloved thoughts. Such kind of things make lovers love strong for beloved, and it creates a sensation in the heart all the time that there is someone special which is more important than anything in the world. And this is the real spirit for lover therefore love is considered as blind and has power to do anything as will is everything. Where there is will everything can be possible. So, love makes man strong too. Love give reason to live, make merry and power to fulfill all desires of beloved.